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Problems with unistalling

I have two simple apps that are just .dll and .ini files in a directory on the C drive. I can package this just fine. If I have only one app installed on a machine, I can uninstall no problem. If I have 2 or more of my packaged apps on a machine and try to uninstall 1 I get an error that a qmgr0.dat is in use. I have to stop the BITS service to complete uninstall. This then forces a repair of the other installed apps. When I look at the .ism for the app I see qmgr0.dat is a key file located in CommonAppDataFolder\Microsoft\Network\Downloader. This file is not part of the files I packaged so where does it come from?
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Hi There,

The file you're having problems with seems to be created and used by the BITS service, as you've found:

I am not certain how the files are problematic, since Windows Installer should only remove them if there's an application that has a File table record for them. Or, potentially, if there's a RemoveFile table record for them.

What I would recommend is opening the *.msi file in direct edit mode (via InstallShield or via Orca) and checking these tables to see if you have records that reference the file. Keep in mind that the RemoveFile table can take wildcards for filenames.

Hope this helps at least point you in the right direction.
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Thanks Cary. The problem was I was using the snapshot method of repackager and it was catching something during the install. I still haven't figured out what but excluding the qmgr.dat files does not cause any issues.
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