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Flexera Alumni

As part of our Packaging Experts Roundtable series, we discussed Package Testing as our primary topic of February 2021. 

We discuss, "Types of testing" (Requirements Analysis, Deployment/Launch Validation, Pilot/Functional Testing).

We discuss, "When to Test" (Identifying targets; identifying potential problems, validating at the command line, ensuring deployment is as expected, that the application functions as expected and the importance of learning from application specific lessons). 

We discuss, "Who Should Test" (Packaging engineer themselves, Peer reviews, End users)

And finally, some ways AdminStudio can play a role in helping, including tests for:

  • Windows Compatibility
  • Conflicts with other packages
  • Conflicts with build images
  • Best practices
  • Virtualization / MSIX suitability
  • Java dependences


Check it out: