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Moving project to another location on pc?

hello guys. How do i go about moving my packages/project to another location on my pc. When i do move my packages, and run the project it opens up just fine, but when i try to compile it is looking for source files in the original location. Any ideas?

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You can change the location of your Project Source Files under Path Variables "Media > Path Variables "

Did you just start having this problem? I have had some Path Variable problems with after converting and older project.
Can you please let me know which tool in the AdminStudio 5 suite you are talking about?

Is it the Repackager or Developer tool?
I am talking about the Developer. I just recently decided to move my project with source files to another location on my pc. When i double clicked on the project, it would open fine but while compiling it was trying to get my source files from the old location. Thank to Pfeiffer suggestion i was able to go to Path Variables and modify SOURCEFILEPATH. Do i always have to do this while moving files? Can i set SOURCEFILEPATH to be relative to my ISProjectFolder variable?

You can choose the SOURCEPATH to be relative to and that should work for you.
how would i enable this ?

Thank you