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Can we request to add an application to package feed module, if its not available currently on it?

Requested Enhancement: Dynamic Application Inclusion

We request a process where Flexera can add applications to package feeder requested by clients dynamically.

Currently, the module relies on predefined rules and criteria to determine which applications are included. However, this approach can be limiting, especially when dealing with unique or custom applications or web applications.

Key Objectives:

  1. Granular Control:

    • Help project managers and packaging engineers to manually select applications for inclusion in the Package Feeder Module.

    • Provide a user-friendly interface within Flexera Admin Studio to manage this selection process.

  2. Custom Application Support:

    • Allow inclusion of custom-built or specialized applications that do not fit standard criteria.

    • Support applications with non-standard installation paths, complex dependencies, or unique installation requirements.

  3. Version Management:

    • Extend the feature to handle different versions of the same application.

    • Enable administrators to specify which versions should be included in the package feed.

  4. Application Metadata:

    • Include relevant metadata for each application (e.g., version, publisher, description) to enhance visibility and decision-making.

    • Allow administrators to add custom metadata fields for additional context.


  • Flexibility: Project managers can tailor the Package Feeder Module to their specific needs, ensuring that critical applications are always available for deployment.

  • Efficiency: Manual inclusion reduces the need for workarounds or custom scripts, streamlining the packaging process.

  • Accuracy: Including metadata improves transparency and helps packaging engineers make informed decisions.

Implementation Considerations:

  1. User Interface:

    • Design an intuitive interface within Flexera Admin Studio for managing application inclusion into package feeder.

    • Provide clear instructions and tooltips to guide users through the process.

  2. Integration:

    • Ensure seamless integration with existing workflows and processes.

    • Consider compatibility with other modules and features within Flexera Admin Studio.

  3. Permissions:

    • Define appropriate permissions for users who can modify application inclusion settings.

    • Implement role-based access control to prevent unauthorized changes.


By implementing this feature, we empower packaging teams to adapt the Package Feeder Module to their unique requirements, ultimately enhancing our software distribution capabilities. We appreciate your consideration and look forward to seeing this enhancement in future releases of Flexera Admin Studio.

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By Level 5 Flexeran
Level 5 Flexeran

Hi Praveen,
As requested, Could you please provide this information on the Ideas page so that, we can take respective action?


HI Shashi

We have raised an idea already we were posting it here too if anyone had done it earlier.