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Errors in AppRepackaging



I am trying to create a MSI after installing a application and it gets errors copying files to C:\Packages folder


Any help will be greatly appricated



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By Level 5 Flexeran
Level 5 Flexeran

Hi Araimondi,

Could you please provide me the following information to look into this issue further:
1. Provide me the complete steps you have followed, so that  to I can try recreating the issue in our test labs and also will help me in understand your use case.
2. Which method you have used for Repacking.
3. Is it happening for all the packages or for the specific package. If it is for specific package could you please provide me the package or link to download from the internet.
4. Attach the screenshot if any.


5. Which version of AdminStudio you are using to Repackage.
6. Whether you are using Standalone Repackager or Repackager that comes along with AdminStudio.


Hi sshivaraj

I am using the Repackager that comes with AdminStudio 2020 R2

 My steps are

1. Capture an Installation Using Repackaging Wizard , Snapshot Method and using Multiple Steps option (No Issues)

2. Install Application called "TruCode" ( No issues installing) - 

3. Run Packager again and run SnapShot again (Analyze system status changes). Repackaging wizard runs and towards the end start receiving errors(see attachments)






Thank you for your reply.

Could you please create a new case by clicking on Get Support>Open New case and provide all the information.
(Please refer attached screenshot "Open New Case.JPG" )for more details. So that we can track the issue better.
Also we can even have a screen share session to look into the issue directly if required.






Open New Case.JPG


I will thank you