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Application Manager / Conflict Solver 2013: Unable to check conflicts against a group

Selecting a group in the Conflict Solver wizard results in a "not responding" Application Manager. The only option is to kill it when it doesn't crash by itself.

Conflict Checking against one package functions correctly. But performing a second run (by pressing "Launch Conflict Wizard" again) results in a "not responding"
or crashing Application Manager.

Log files and a Word document with some screendumps are attached.

Background info: The Application Manager database is created by using the bulk import functionality of the 2012 version of Application Manager because
bulk import doesn't work with Application Manager 2013. After the bulk import I started the 2013 version to update the database.

The supplied credentials for the Database Connection are those of the dbo.

Any ideas to solve this issue?
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Flexera Alumni
Hi Martin,

If you look at the AdminStudioHost.log, you will see that there is some issue with the database. It appears that a stored procedure appears to be missing. Please search for that procedure in the sql scripts available in the AdminStudio install location, and try running that script. Check if that helps you or not.