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Unknown error occured in Repackager

I created a couple of different installations from exe's (adobe reader 8.1, google earth, some Dell apps etc..) useing the Installation monitoring method. When I go into the repackager to "build" the MSI I get(my Build log):

Thursday, May 01, 2008 10:50:36AM
Starting conversion
Creating Developer project: C:\Packages\Adobe8_1.ism
Reading repackager output file
Loading registry entries
Creating components for the files captured
Mapping registry information to the Advertising tables
Mapping typelib data from registry information to the TypeLib table
Mapping COM data from registry information
Mapping Application IDs from registry information and writing to the AppId table
Mapping ProgIDs from registry information
Writing to the Class table
Mapping file extensions and MIME types from registry information to the Extension and Mime tables
Mapping shell extension verbs from registry information to the Verb table
Writing to the ProgId table
Mapping application paths from registry information
Mapping environment variables from registry information to the Environment table
Processing .INI file changes and writing to the IniFile table
Applying merge modules
Creating directory folders and writing to the CreateFolders table
An unknown error occurred

Conversion stopped with 1 error(s) and 0 warning(s).

Any suggestions?

(1) Reply
Well this seems to be a problem with corrupt legacy setups or failings while the Install Monitoring Process..

You shoud check the "Files and Folders" Entrys within the Repackager on the actual project file and shoud then exclude all files and folders which aren't necessary for the project..

I occured the same problem with the new Adobe Acrobat Reader 9 after
sucessful "Install Monitoring" the build failed with the same error

and if i exclude the "corrupt" folder with no content the build of the MSI works then fine...

see also attached document