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Flexera Alumni

For many, AdminStudio is well known as the leading solution for repackaging legacy setups and customizing Windows Installer packages for automated deployment. Such tasks typically come into demand during a Windows migration project, but it would be a shame overlook the incredible value of the solution and only dust it off to power through their move to Windows 10. 

There is a natural surge of activity around application readiness when it comes to a Windows migration project. But spending some time in AdminStudio should be a weekly occurrence for those who truly want to stay on top of application risk.

AdminStudioAdminStudioNew Applications 

The larger the organization you support, the more frequently new application requests happen for many different reasons.  

  • an application has reached its end of service life 
  • an application introduces new features desired by the business 
  • competing software products may be intentionally introduced (temporarily or long-term) for possible replacement 

No matter the reasons, adding a new application to your catalog in AdminStudio will help you proactively address any conflicts with existing applications. It can also help you be aware of any Java dependencies to consider, as well as any possible compatibility issues with your current and future versions of Windows.  

Keeping all the applications in your organization’s portfolio in AdminStudio provides a central place to manage your packages. AdminStudio can help you to manage officially supported software as a part of your application portfolio where it can be represented in the many valuable reports exposed in AdminStudio.  

Updated Applications 

So, you now have all your applications deployed -- that is, until next week, or maybe even tomorrow, when updates are released for one or more of the applications you just rolled out. Do some of those updates contain security updates? Critical ones? The work of a desktop administrator is never done.  

Application Troubleshooting 

These days, conflicts between applications are less common than they once were. As such, many do not consider running test and remediating issues to be a valuable proactive activity. With all applications in AdminStudio, running such tests is a snap. Today thes capability is commonly leveraged as a tool to provide valuable insight in the reactive troubleshooting of application issues.  

Ongoing Windows Compatibility Testing 

New versions of Windows are released regularly now. How will an update affect your organization? Presenting critical reports and help remediating issues is where AdminStudio really shines 

Application Portfolio Management 

It all boils down to a solution for the management of your Application Portfolio. What applications do you have in your environment is a question for a Software Asset Management solution, like FlexNet Manager, to address. However, what applications you support in your environment should be easily answered by a report from AdminStudio.