AES 2013 vs WFM 2013

Hi there,

if anybody could shed some light for me about my issue...
We have bought the AdminStudio 2013 Enterprise with Virtualization Pack. Now as part of it, we also got the AdminStudio Enterprise Server 2013. I always thought that the Enterprise Server = the WorkFlow Manager, but as it seems it doesn't.
From the web front-end console, there are only very few things available in AES (Reports & Environment Settings) and I am confused. As I am new to AdminStudio, could someone maybe help me out, as what is the real difference between AES and WFM? I am already lost in the Flexera documentation, the whole product model is very unclear for me.

Also, am I going to have the possibility now to create workflows for our packaging projects?

Thank you in advance for any explanation.
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Re: AES 2013 vs WFM 2013

Hi Filip,

You need to buy the Workflow Manager product in order to have the ability to create workflows.

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