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"Microsoft Edge" now features two differing release and patch cycles. These are split based on the usage of the EdgeHTML-based client versus the Chromium-based client. To account for this, we will alter our product tracking to account for these releases, resulting in improved reporting, detection and patching for our customers.

As of June 2nd, 2020, the existing product "Microsoft Edge" will be renamed to "Microsoft Edge (EdgeHTML-based)" and we will add a new product to our product database called "Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based)". This will allow customers to track the differing product releases independent from each other.

Any existing, applicable Secunia Advisory will be adjusted on the very same day to refer to either the "Microsoft Edge (EdgeHTML-based)" or the "Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based)" product to allow for specific reporting.

Please be aware, that for example as a customer of our Software Vulnerability Research (SVR) product who wants to track the upcoming "Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based)" product, you'll have to update your Watch Lists to track the new product and to ensure that you will receive proper notifications.

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Great to see that you listen to customer voice 🙂 Thanks for approving the enhancement.