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Multiple Software Suggestions with a CSV File

SVR allows for additional products to be tracked using the Suggest Software tool comfortably from within the Web UI. This article will focus on the CSV File upload for multiple products to be tracked at once.  This reduces the amount of time that you need to individually suggest each product. It also speeds up the process for the Research and Content team to process the requests.

Research > Product Database > Suggest Software

There are two options/tabs:

  • Single Software
  • Upload File

Single software is optimal if you require just one product to be tracked.
If you have multiple products that need tracking, the tool allows for CSV file to be added.


  1. Use the attached CSV as a template and once complete, use the “Upload File” from the Tab and select “Choose File”.

  2. Navigate to the location of the .CSV file and press Open.
  3. To edit the template, use your preferred text file editor. Ensure to save it as .csv when complete.

  4. Once you upload the CSV file, the tool will automatically list the products, allowing you to review before uploading.

    When you submit the Suggest Software, a ticket will be created and you will receive an email with the case number. The case will have the details of your products and any other details you provided. A Flexera Support team member will get in touch detailing the next steps.  



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