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Flexera Alumni

Single Sign-On Enhancement

Based on customer feedback, Software Vulnerability Manager Cloud Edition now supports the initiation of Single Sign-On via an Identify Provider for authentication. You can click on choose single sign-on on the SVM login page and then provide your official email address to be automatically redirected to the configured Identity Provider in order to initiate the login process.

For more details, see Logging on to Software Vulnerability Manager Cloud Edition Using Single Sign-On.

Microsoft Intune Integration Enhancements

SVM can now wrap multiple paths in support of detection rules for a package by building such into a single PowerShell Script as a custom detection script.

There were some cases where a return code was not correctly sent back to Intune after installation on endpoints which resulted in an incorrect deployment status in the Intune console. This issue has now been addressed and a return code for all packages is now sent back to Intune for accurate tracking of package deployment status.

We recommend updating to the latest version of the Software Vulnerability Manager Client Toolkit (v4.0.342) for improved Intune support.

Patch Daemon Enhancement

If you were to generate a new token upon expiration, the Patch Daemon needed to be restarted in order for a successful connection. It can now handle new tokens without need for a restart.


Click here for full release note