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Flexera SVM csia.exe installation - is there a MSI available

Hi community,

I'm pretty new to using SVM as well as I'm new to using this community board. I appreciate getting in contact with you to support me with my questions as well as I'm looking forward to helping others if I get more and more knowledge about SVM - hopefully :)...

My first question is a base question. I wonder if there is no MSI package available to install csia.exe on the related endpoints. It's not really handy to work with the exe file directly in combination e.g. with that there is no update capability of the exe itself as it's the exe of the service itself and not an installation exe file.

Yes, I know there are possibilities but I have to create my own workarounds for unattended installations via Intune, SCCM, etc. To be honest, shouldn't this be a baseline feature today? If I missed the place where I can get the MSI I really would appreciate it if somebody could lead me to the right point. If I didn't miss it I would like to ask why Flexera isn't supporting an MSI by default...

Thx a lot guys for your help and answers.


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By Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran

Unfortunately, we only have the SVM agent executable and not MSI. 

Hi Raslam,

thx for your answer. I expected this answer because the fact itself was not new to me. I only wanted to be sure that I didn't miss anything. But can you tell me why? I can't believe that I'm the only one who is missing this MSI feature. 

And 2nd question: What do I have to do to put this on the feature list?


Please feel free to log this as an enhancement via your Flexera Community ideas page.

To help you find it, the Ideas area can be found using the Product > Ideas menu link on the community site. You will need to be signed in to submit or vote on ideas.
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