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Flexera Alumni

This June update of SVM brings to you the following enhancements to the SVM Patch Publisher and SVM Cloud:

  • We continue to enhance our software suggestion process to provide you with increased clarity and predictability. Within the Software Suggestion Tool in the Patch Publisher and the Software Suggestion page in the SVM web console, you can now view the average processing time (in days) for software suggestion requests. This allows you to have a clear understanding of when to anticipate your suggested software will make it into SVM.


  • An export capability is introduced in all the grid views of Patch Publisher - the Flexera Package System (SPS), Patch Template, Vendor Patch Module (VPM), Bring Your Own Patch (BYOP), and Patch Deployment Status views to enable you to export the valuable data from these grids into a CSV file to serve you to generate your desired reports.


  • The new Find box in the Applicability Criteria - Paths panel of the Create Update Package Wizard helps you search for the applicability paths based on your search criteria to ensure you add all the required applicability paths to the patch.



  • To help you easily identify the product for which the update packages are created and published, the option Highlight product for which update packages have been created option is now enabled in the Configuration View of the Vendor Patch Module view of the Patch Publisher.


  • In the SVM web console, the Installation Tab in the Smart Groups view is enhanced with a new Search box to easily find a host and the ability to copy the installation path of a file to the clipboard.

To see the read release notes, please click here.