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Flexera Alumni

Delayed by a day, this second update of February includes the following enhancements to the Patch Publisher:

Language Aware Installation

The Language Aware Installation option is enabled for selection in the Package Contents of the Create Update Package Wizard. This option will be helpful in a hybrid environment that has devices with more than one language. There will be no need for you to remember which language patch needs to be deployed to which device, just selecting the Language Aware Installation option will automatically check the language of the currently installed version of a product, for which the patch is being deployed, on a device and install the same language patch.

Additional Script Types

Support for additional script types in the Package Contents of the Create Update Package Wizard.  You can now view and edit the installation script of a patch in the PowerShell Script and the VBScript. This gives you the flexibility to select the script type that you are comfortable with to make your desired changes to the installation script of a patch that you have chosen to publish to an endpoint management system.

Import File Paths

File paths are added to a patch as applicability criteria that get evaluated on the endpoints to know if the patch is applicable to be installed on that endpoint or not. The Applicability Criteria – Paths panel of the Create Update Package Wizard, automatically populates a list of file paths for a patch based on the scan results to add as applicability criteria. However, if you wish to add more paths beyond this list, you can now click on the Import Paths button to import a CSV that contains a list of file paths that you wish to add to a patch.

To see the full release notes, click here.