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CSI Agent does not honor proxy and http backend settings when started as service

We use proxyservers to connect our server to the internet if needed.
When I set up the csi agent with the proxy settings, the settings are stored in the registry correctly.
But when I lunch the service some of the settings are ignored, for example the proxyserver and the http backend.


The log states: Error when sending WinHttp request (12002)
But the debugoutput says that WinInet should be used.

When I run the csi agent from commandline with the same setting (proxy and http backend) everything works.

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By Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran

The CSI agent does support proxy if it is added during the creation of the Agent Deployment Package. It seems like the local system account running the agent service is not allowed to connect to via proxy.

We advise you to raise a case with Flexera Support for further investigation. One of the technical support engineers will arrange a call with you to resolve the issue: You will need to contact Flexera .