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By Level 3 Flexeran
Level 3 Flexeran

Happy New Year to all, our Engineering and Product Teams have been working hard to bring you all some important enhancements, these include:

  1.  Ability to mark specific products as ESU (Extended Security Update) at various levels, providing enhanced control and visibility. This feature is designed to streamline product management within Smart groups.
  2. Enhanced the Dashboard page with a brand-new "Last Month" column in the five key widgets. Now, you can effortlessly access crucial information for the previous month in these widgets. In the coming release we are planning to add the “Last Month” column for the other three widgets
  3. Enhanced the Create Update Package Wizard, the empowerment of the "Add Local File" button in the Package Contents panel. Now, this button is dynamically enabled, enabling you to seamlessly incorporate files into your update packages
  4. A notable update in our system configuration process has been made. In addition to the existing "Restart Service" feature, we have now configured "Test and Save Connection" to automatically restart the Patch Publisher service when making changes to SVM connection settings or adding/editing distribution connections

To see the full release notes, click here