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API Service Provider not working


Platform: Software Vulnerability Research


I tried to create custom Service Provider via the Settings -> API -> Service Providers within the Portal, but unfortunately it is not working as intended. 

We are trying a very Basic Request to verify if the Connection can be established (GET), but when testing the Connection the only error message is: 

"An error occurred while calling the API. Please check the parameters. Exception message: [SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed (_ssl.c:852)"


The Webserver we are trying to call is SSL-A+ verified and definitely not the issue since a direct call via curl and/or Postman is resulting in a successful response. 

The use-case is, that we want to automatically create tickets in our backend based on the data from flexera Software Vulnerability Research.


Additional question, not related to the one above: 

When we try directly via we get faced with following error message: 
{"detail":"You do not have permission to perform this action."}

do we have to buy api access specifically?


BR and thank you

(1) Reply

1. API working in Curl and Postman, but not working from custom setup

Possible solution based on the error message - ssl-sslerror-ssl-certificate-verify-failed-certificate-verify-failed-ssl-c

2. All SVR api is associated with Roles & User Groups. Please check user account added to correct User Group to access API - 
User need to have Advisory reader permission.