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InstallShield 2019 Premier Shortcuts

0 0 13
After upgrading to InstallShield 2019 Premier, I am getting the following error on several of our MSI scripts:ISDEV : error -9572: This package contains no shortcuts defined for the application. Applications are usually necessary to define the entry ...
by MrInstall47 Flexera beginner

Pre-Requisite Failed to Download from Web

0 0 11
I have a setup.exe which has a pre Requisite to be downloaded from web using a URL .But pre Requisite fails to download the same while running the setup.exe and gives a prompt saying that " Download had failed. What would you like to do?"Although I a...
by kap14jan Flexera beginner

BIG issue re-activating my Installshield 2015 pro

0 6 130
Hi, I have a BIG problem while attempting to re-activate my Installshield 2015 pro :on-line activation gives "Error 51501 - Unknown result"off-line activation gives me the 'license.request' and I get the 'activation.xml' from the web page (attached) ...
by FoxInCloud Flexera beginner

Default Radio Button Selection

0 3 1158
Hi,I have one dialogbox which contains 2 radio buttons.When that dialog appears while installation, I wanted to make default selection of any of the radio button.But I am not able to find the way to do it.My Project type is Installscript Project.Plea...
by RakeshPatil Pilgrim

License Problem after moving machine

0 2 46
We moved our machine to a different hardware. We forgot to return the license before. When fixing the license we get the following message.What we have to do to solve the problem?
by dittmann Flexera beginner

Installshield 2018 R2 Express - Uninstall versus Maintenance

0 2 50
Hi, I'm looking for clarification on this as it relates to Custom Actions:Custom Actions During Maintenance—Actions that are scheduled during this run-time category are launched during modify mode and repair mode; they are also launched when the pr...
by pdepaulis_sa Flexera beginner

"Installshield could not be initialized"

0 1 43
Hi, We have installed AdminStudio and InstallShield to one of our computers. The profile where the installation was done works perfectly. Both AdminStudio and InstallShield works well. But when we logged in to that computer with different ID, we were...
by eerik_lehto Pilgrim

Setup.exe's embedded msi being called with /i option, not /a

0 3 85
I've got an installer that I'm trying to get to work on a locked down Server Core machine. The MSI works fine, but the setup.exe is failing. I've traced it down to the way msiexec calls the msi inside the setup.exe wrapper. It uses the /i option, eve...
by ChopperCharles Flexera beginner

InstallShield 2015 Limited Edition Always Overwrite

0 4 77
Hi all. I am currently using InstallShield 2015 Limited Edition version. I am building two setups, for two different products respectively.There are several files which are shared for both product installers. Some of the forums mentioned about the Al...
by pk_vietech Flexera beginner

License Activation

0 2 85
Hi,I have a new machine that I have installed InstallShield on.Unfortunately my old machine has now been imaged before I had the chance to deactivate the license on it. Could this be deactivated remotely for me so that I can activate it on my new mac...
by jatkin Flexera beginner

Installshield 2013 SP1 Pro license expired

0 3 70
hello,I am not able to reactive my ISthe request to this URL ( is only working for 2014 and later.i sent the license.request file serveral times for offline activation to :...
by marc_r Pilgrim

InstallShield Express 2014 perpetual license expired, really?

0 9 255
Hi,I want to reactivate InstallShiell2014 product (I have a perpetual license, it´s a strange!!!) I tried through Online/Offline activation and doesn’t work anything...finally I sent a web request to this URL (
by amartinidg Flexera beginner