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Re: Support Contacts

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Hello, Does the concurrent licensing for InstallShield 2018 work in case the the FlexNet Licensing Server machine is Windows Server 2016 Standard ? Thanks,PS
by stasiakp Pilgrim

Installshield 2019 / NuGet / CefSharp

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I'm currently enhancing our application with a built in Cefsharp-Browser.CefSharp is included via NuGet and comes with a bunch of files put into the project output folder in VS 2017.I added the projects primary output and the locally copied files to ...
by achim_muehlber Flexera beginner

Serial Number Validation DLL.

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Hello, We try to load a DLL in Serial Number Validation DLL.1. At the beginning we made this DLL in C# but we don't know why is not working in installshield.2. We saw the example in installshield, this DLL is made it in C++ we compile this file in Vi...
by luiscardona Flexera beginner

how to call one msi from another using installshield pro?

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Hi, We wanted to invoke welcome dialog,license agreement dialog first before the pre-requisite (which has installation of another exe) followed by post-installation script. To achieve the above flow, we have planned to build seperate MSI for pre-requ...
by javasaran Flexera beginner

Multi-instance support for windows service

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we have enabled multi-instance support for a windows service application of ours, it is getting created with the same default name under services.msc, instead of the instance name we get from end-user.this project has a installer class integration a...
by sysadmin-blr Flexera beginner

Major Upgrade detection from InstallScript

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Hi all,I have an IS 2018 InstallScript MSI project. I have made changes in the upgrade view and added an upgrade item to support automatic major upgrades.Question is how do I detect in the install script if the installation is going to perform a majo...
by agshah Flexera beginner

InstallShield 2015 SP1 Hotfix IOJ-1745445

0 1 23
Hello, our Security Team has found a problem with Flexera InstallShield 2015 LE (22.0.1). We have to install hotfix IOJ-1745445 but I can't find it on the Flexera website. Can someone provide me with a link to the hotfix? Thanks in advance, Regards G...
by Stoeldraaijers Pilgrim

Set global properties during installation are not changed

0 3 52
Set properties issuesDescription:Hi, We have 2 problems which i faced: 1. during installation we define specific global property that will indicate when value is='FE' to show FE features in custom and when value is='BE' show features relevant to BE f...
by michaelb Flexera beginner

Disable inheritence for parent folder

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Hi, I have a folder and a file inside it. I need to disable the inheritance of parent folder permissions to file. Is there any way I do it with install script ?
by upinderdhami Flexera beginner

How to get the status of Windows Virtualization enabled or not?

0 4 69
Hi, We have a requirement as part of pre-installation steps to check the status of virtualization enabled or not in windows machine where the installation is being made. Is there any built-in function to acheive this in installshield pro? Thanks in a...
by javasaran Flexera beginner


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