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Welcome! Have any community related issues or questions? Please post here and a Flexera Community team member will get back to you shortly.

NOTE: If you have any product specific questions, please post them on the appropriate product forum. To do that, click on the product under 'Find My Product' section of the community homepage.

Community Help

IsCmdBld Ignores MSI Command-Line Arguments

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Hi,I have specified some arguments in the "MSI Command-Line Arguments" field under Releases -> Setup.exe.When I build directly from InstallShield 2019 Application, these Arguments are packaged into the Setup.exe file.When I build using IsCmdBld the a...
by markhotchkiss Flexera beginner

Client usage checker error

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Hi all, it seems our FlexLM environment "client usage checker" functionality is erroring out. Does someone know where to find more information regarding this error? I checked the lmadmin log, but nothing useful there. Any ideas?
by ITSERVICES-PT Flexera beginner

HKCU entries not set when deployed from Software Center

0 2 218
InstallShield 2015 Premier - AdminStudio editioncreated an installer, added some HKCU entries under System Configuration, RegistryRun the installer manually, the registry gets set.Deploy the installer from Software Center, no entries in HKCU. HKLM ...
by secovel Flexera beginner

Cancelling/removing reserve option from the ansyslm.opt file

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Dear Sir/Madam,I have an option file (ansyslmd.opt) including reservation "RESERVE 1 ansys GROUP abc"). I would like to cancel/remove this reservation. How can i remove this option? I tried several things (rereading the license file without having an...
by toroslu Flexera beginner

Flexnet Publisher TLS support

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Hi Team,I am currently using Flexlm 11.3 of software and 11.9.1 of embedded version.I wanted to check when was the TLS support introduced for Flexlm and if any of these versions support TLS?Thank you!
by shans1 Flexera beginner