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Licensing op fails after Win10 upgrade

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Our software is hanging up at the license check after users upgraded to Windows 10. The software and it's Flexnet license worked fine with Windows 7 (just a local *.lic file linked to the users hard disk volume ID).After upgrading machines to Windows...
by edzapata Pilgrim

Updating xml files in InstallAnywhere

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Hi,I have attached sample tomcat server.xml file and I would like to add another tag to the attached server.xml file. How could I do that. <Valve className="org.apache.catalina.authenticator.SingleSignOn" /> under the host tag, similar to existing va...
by rakesh_dama Flexera beginner

Gathering Data from PVS Citrix Environment

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A customer of mine is concerned with how the FlexNet Agent would or does work for Citrix PVS environments. The customer's question is pasted below. If someone has any experience with this scenario please let me know!“We need to understand how or if i...
by adam_cutler Flexera beginner

Where is the options menu?

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The Community Getting Started Guide says to Curate you feed and your notifications on mobile and web.Click on Find My Product - InstallShieldClick on the options menu (3 dots)!!! I do not see and options menu or 3 dots.Please clarify?
by jim_clark Occasional contributor

Case #01829548

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I had opened a case last week Friday and I'm trying to find a status.
by scottveldhuiz Flexera beginner