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Welcome! Have any community related issues or questions? Please post here and a Flexera Community team member will get back to you shortly.

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Community Help

circular progress bar in advanced suite

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Hi,Does anyone know how to replace a normal progress bar with a circular progress bar in a advanced suite project?when i tried to implement the circular bar, the update is not reflectiong in the bar adn it stays in the black colour.pls help
by vlexdev Flexera beginner

Error Code 6003 Error occured streaming .. 0X0409.ini into setup.exe

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Hi ,Ran a project and came across this error -6003, " An error occurred streaming ' C:\Program Files\InstallShield\2010\Support\0X0409.ini into setup.exesearch for fix and it mention about KB 2949927 but this file is not present so i guess this is an...
by josme8 Flexera beginner

Publisher License Keys

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Hello All! This is a shot in the dark but I'm asking.....Is there a way within FNMS to obtain License Key information for specific publisher? Reason I'm asking is that we are trying to avoid allowing them to unleash the dreaded "script" to find thi...
by shelby_day Active participant

how to add .ism file as an package in advanced suite project.

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how to add .ism file as an package in advanced suite project.?when i try to build the project with .ism file added as package, i am getting the following error "the target file that was selected for an operation's target setting in the packages in in...
by vlexdev Flexera beginner

starting a service using installscript

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i tried starting service after creating it. but it is'nt working. Although the creation of service is successfull.kindly help.Below is the code:function AddService(hMSI)string szServiceStartName, szPassword,szStartServiceArgs;string szServiceName, sz...
by vlexdev Flexera beginner

Custom actions error -9018

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Downloaded a trial today since AI hasnt got back to us to resolve the issue. So due date for project is today so was hoping to see if I can get this whole thing set up in one day. However, ran into an issue that I cant find any thing on at least thro...
by ruck64 Flexera beginner

HKCU entries not set when deployed from Software Center

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InstallShield 2015 Premier - AdminStudio editioncreated an installer, added some HKCU entries under System Configuration, RegistryRun the installer manually, the registry gets set.Deploy the installer from Software Center, no entries in HKCU. HKLM ...
by secovel Flexera beginner

Major version

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Hi,I need to create a major upgrade that uninstalls previous version and install current one (minor upgrade will not work because some files are deleted from newer setup).for example: previous install, current installation 19.3.359.0This i...
by karin_kadis Flexera beginner

Creating a minor upgrade with InstallShield 2019

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I am in the process of creating a minor upgrade based on the article here The article mentions that a "Minor Upgrade Item" as well as a "New Release" need...
by msmcsd Flexera beginner

InstallAnywhere's window Flicker Issue

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Hello,Whenever I run the installer made by InstallAnywhere in my local VM and as soon as the Installer window gets displayed, suddenly it starts to flicker. I don't know what the issue is. Please assist me with this.
by Kpanday Pilgrim