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Welcome! Have any community related issues or questions? Please post here and a Flexera Community team member will get back to you shortly.

NOTE: If you have any product specific questions, please post them on the appropriate product forum. To do that, click on the product under 'Find My Product' section of the community homepage.

Community Help

Anyone using Certero for Software asset management?

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We're looking at supplementing our SCCM environment with a fully featured software asset / license management system. We've looked at Certero, Snow, and Flexera. After demos and q&a sessions with all three, we're strongly leaning towards Certero.the ...
by Charliecharles Pilgrim

Files can not be updated

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It is not possible to do a minor or small update. The update is performed but the files are not updated. The first installation works without problems. The installation is done as a 64 bit version in the windows program file directory. I hope someone...
by UweSpoering Pilgrim

Upgrading installanywhere from 2015 to 2018

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Currently i am using installanywhere 2015 version with node-locked license. I want to upgrade to 2018 version. Do flexera charge for upgrading? If so what will be the cost of upgrade? What about license?
by gautam_goenka Flexera beginner

Can Flexera remove/uninstall software?

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Hi Flexera Community, Can Flexera remove applications?e.g there are 100 installs of application ABC in our environment. We have no licenses for it and we want to remove it from all the devices the Flexera agent has picked it up on. Can we send a comm...
by kaytee Flexera beginner

Quick Patch problem

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Hi,It seems that I misunderstood something regarding Quick Patch for an installation.I had an original installation for some of my clients, lets call it version 1.0.0Then I created a series of Quick Patches, v1.0.0.1, v1.0.0.2, v1.0.0.3Everything was...
by IIvanovic9 Flexera beginner

Copyright Information is not updating on windows installer

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Using 2018 SP1 Build, But not able to see the Copyright information updated in Windows installer. How to modify this ? 2018 SP1 release note claimed this as a fix...
by NilkamalDey Flexera beginner

System Search to Custom Action to force old product to uninstall

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We have a previous version of a product that was installed using Wise Installation Systems. It is not MSI based so I can't use the lookup of old install to remove it. I can look up the path to the unwise.exe (uninstall applicaiton) and log file path ...
by angela Flexera beginner

how to call one msi from another using installshield pro?

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Hi, We wanted to invoke welcome dialog,license agreement dialog first before the pre-requisite (which has installation of another exe) followed by post-installation script. To achieve the above flow, we have planned to build seperate MSI for pre-requ...
by javasaran Flexera beginner

Install hangs on status message "Publishing product information"

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I am using InstallShield 2018 to deploy a Delphi project. When I install on a Win10 Microsoft Surface Pro, the installation appears to hang, displaying the status message “Publishing product information”. I have waited over 20 minutes before aborting...
by carroll Flexera beginner