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Welcome! Have any community related issues or questions? Please post here and a Flexera Community team member will get back to you shortly.

NOTE: If you have any product specific questions, please post them on the appropriate product forum. To do that, click on the product under 'Find My Product' section of the community homepage.

Community Help

RESOLVED: Open New Case Window Down

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Update 15 January at 1:53 pm CST: The issue has been resolved and the case portal is functioning. Thank you for your patience! We are experiencing issues with the open case window in our online support portal. Our team is actively working to trou...
by Community Manager KPBussey Community Manager

Files in the Application Target Folder are not getting installed

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I have an InstallShield installScript project. When I run the project the files in the "Application Target Folder" are not getting copied to to the target directory during installation. Does anyone know what might the issue might be?Side notes:In th...
by Gelsing Flexera beginner

InstallShield LE and Installshield Lite not playing nicely together !!

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I have VS2015 Pro and VS2019 Pro on my machine. I use Installshield LE with VS2015. I recently purchased/installed Installshield Lite for VS2019. Now I'm having weird problems (possible cache related?).For example, I opened an older project in VS2019...
by robin_riley Flexera beginner

Chained Packages and parent reboots

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Using Installshield 2018 Premier and Windows Installer 5.0, is it possible to run multiple chained MSIs when the parent MSI is pending a reboot atfer completion?We have used chained MSIs successfully in other projects but this is the first project wh...
by conorhoran Flexera beginner

RMC on .zip file -> add my application on open with context.

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Hi,I need to add [my application] on "open with" context menu while RMC on any zip file.But [my application] should not be a default program to open all zip files. it should only come in "open with" optionCould you please share the solution for this ...
by balaji_ayyanar Flexera beginner

java11 with IA2018 SP1

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hi , has anyone started using IA2018 SP1 with java11? we are struck with custom code migration from java8 to 11, please reply if you have already using IA2018 SP1 with java11. I need help. thanksMadhu
by madhu_geddada Flexera beginner

Incorrect Versions

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the product golang-tools is showing versions that are not on the release schedule:
by TS0047409 Pilgrim

Service not getting stop on major upgrade

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I am using flexera install shield 2016 Basic MSI Project to build Single_MSI_IMAGE. My project contains EXE and several other dlls, the exe must get installed as a service and be started after installation which is working as expected. During MSI ma...
by shubham1413 Flexera beginner

Using lc_feat_list on a single license file off of a remote server

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Hello,I have the following setup - a license server "A" that runs a single vendor with 5+ license files, and a flex-enabled app server "B".Server "B" needs to get the list of features located in one of the license files located on server "A". lc_feat...
by annape Flexera beginner