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MSIX - Modification Packages

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Introduction In the previous article, we talked about Package Support Framework and how MSIX solves the problem of running traditional Win32 apps by a community driven route. In this article, let's focus on another important piece of MSIX - Modificat...
by Revenera Moderator vdonga Revenera Moderator

MSIX - Introduction to Package Support Framework (PSF)

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Introduction In the last article, we talked about how MSIX is the next gen deployment package. We touched upon few perks of using MSIX. One item we didn’t go into detail is how MSIX manages to run Win32 apps with breeze and what the shortcomings are....
by Revenera Moderator vdonga Revenera Moderator

Basics of MSIX

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Overview MSIX was announced during Microsoft Build 2018 conference as the next generation deployment package. Ever since, there has been a lot of buzz on this format. After trying various formats over years, Microsoft seems to get most things right w...
by Revenera Moderator vdonga Revenera Moderator