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Disk Space Check Reporting Available Free Space for Root Partition, /, Instead of the Targeted Partition

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SummaryIssue where the Disk Space Check always reports the available free space on the root partition, /, instead of the targeted partitionSymptomsDuring runtime, the disk space check which reports the disk space available, always reports the value f...
by Revenera tphamda Revenera

InstallAnywhere Triage and Preliminary Troubleshooting

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Providing the necessary information to allow a Support Engineer to begin troubleshooting your issue is one of the best ways to avoid delays. This article discusses what type of information to include and how to gather it when submitting an InstallA...
by Revenera Community Admin tony_flexera Revenera Community Admin

InstallAnywhere Files and Utilities

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The following InstallAnywhere resources are available: Custom Code, Rules & Templates Merge Modules JRE VM Packs VM Templates Custom Code, Rules & Templates The extensions below are code generated by our Software and Premium Support members. They a...
by Revenera Community Admin phowe Revenera Community Admin

Changes to Authentication and Code Signing Support for OS X Based Installers in InstallAnywhere 2014 Hotfix A

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SummaryThis article talks about the changes to Authentication and Code Signing Support for OS X Based Installers in InstallAnywhere 2014 Hotfix ASynopsisInstallAnywhere 2014 Hotfix A brings updated authentication support for Mac OS X installers for O...
by Flexera sunshine Flexera

Supported Java Virtual Machines for each Version of InstallAnywhere

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SummaryThis article shows the supported Java virtual machines for different versions of InstallAnywhereSynopsisThe following is a listing of Java virtual machines that are supported by InstallAnywhere organized by each version.Note: InstallAnywhere-g...
by Revenera tphamda Revenera

Running Project Automation Java Class with 64-bit JDK Results in Error

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SummaryThis article discusses the issue with running Project Automation Java class with 64-bit JDK which results in the project failing to be saved by a node-locked licensed copy of InstallAnywhere.SymptomsRunning the Project Automation Java class wi...
by Flexera asalgia Flexera

Localizing Custom Code

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SummaryHow to localize custom code actions, panels, and consoles.SynopsisThis article explains how to internationalize custom code actions, panels, and consoles.DiscussionThe InstallAnywhere API provides a simple means for localizing custom code acti...
by Revenera tphamda Revenera

How to Cast $SKIP_UNINSTALL$ InstallAnywhere Variable To String Or Boolean Data Type

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SummaryThis article discusses how to cast the $SKIP_UNINSTALL$ InstallAnywhere variable to a string or boolean data type for use in Custom Code.SynopsisThis article discusses how to cast the $SKIP_UNINSTALL$ InstallAnywhere variable to a string or bo...
by Revenera Revenera_Ian Revenera

Build Warning "invalid entry size (expected <size> but got <size> bytes)"

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SummaryThis article discusses the "invalid entry size" build warning that occurs when building on the command line.SymptomsIf your project contains a "Create LaunchAnywhere for Java Application" action, a non-Windows build target has been selected to...
by Revenera tphamda Revenera

Installer Exit Codes on Linux when using InstallAnywhere

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SummaryThis article explains how to convert installer exit codes to the 0-255 range used on LinuxSynopsisWhen retrieving installer exit codes on Linux, the exit code may not match with InstallAnywhere's documented Installer Exit Codes. This article e...
by Revenera tphamda Revenera

Installing an Alias for the Uninstaller to the Dock on OS X or macOS Will Fail to be Removed during Uninstall

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SummaryThis article outlines an issue where InstallAnywhere fails to remove the uninstaller alias when added to the Dock during an uninstallSymptomsWhen an alias is created for the uninstaller and set to install to the Dock on OS X or macOS, an unins...
by Revenera tphamda Revenera