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Does InstallAnywhere Support PPC Little Endian Systems?

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SummaryInformation on InstallAnywhere support for PowerPC Little Endian systemsQuestionDoes InstallAnywhere support PPC Little Endian systems?AnswerFor Systems Running InstallAnywhere (Authoring Environment)InstallAnywhere does not support PPC Little...
by Revenera tphamda Revenera

How do you Remove the InstallAnywhere Logo Text from the Installer Panels?

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SummaryHow do you Remove the InstallAnywhere Logo Text from the Installer Panels?QuestionHow do you Remove the InstallAnywhere Logo Text from the Installer Panels?AnswerThe removal of InstallAnywhere branding is not supported by Flexera Software. I...
by Revenera tphamda Revenera

How to Build from the Command Line

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SummaryInformation on the InstallAnywhere command-line build toolQuestionHow do I build InstallAnywhere projects from the command line?AnswerThe InstallAnywhere command-line build tool for building installers is located in the InstallAnywhere home di...
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Can the Installer Binary be Located in the Root Directory of a CD-ROM/DVD Release?

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SummaryDiscusses the installer binary's location in the directory structure for CD-ROM installers.QuestionCan the installer binary be located in the root directory of a CD-ROM/DVD release?AnswerFor Build Targets that do not have a With VM option to b...
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Ways to Optimize and Improve Installation Performance

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SummaryTips on how to minimize the size of installers and improve installation performanceQuestionWhat are some ways I can optimize or improve the performance of my installer?AnswerFollow the points below to optimize your installers.Minimizing Size o...
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