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InstallAnywhere Hotfix for InstallAnywhere 2018 SP1

InstallAnywhere Hotfix for InstallAnywhere 2018 SP1


This is the InstallAnywhere Hotfix for InstallAnywhere 2018 SP1.


This hotfix addresses the following issues:

Issue # Issue Description
IOJ-1900649 Option to use HTTPS protocol for connection using Download File Action
IOJ-1866007 Disk Space Check Reporting Available Free Space for Root File System, /, Instead of Targeted File System Such as /home
IOJ-1895466 IA 2018 Installer Fails to Launch When Running with IBM JRE 1.8 SR5 FP20
IOJ-1560202 Installer dies with exception "Malformed \uxxxx encoding." if any environment variable contains \u in value
IOJ-1912814 Uninstaller is not cleaning up and deleting install.dir.* directory in /tmp after uninstall completes
IOJ-1753361 Variable IA_INSTALL_INSTANCE_NUM is not incremented for subsequent instances
IOJ-1818811 64-bit Windows console launcher writes a confusing message when the launcher is renamed and executed from command prompt
IOJ-1913973 Silent uninstall is crashing and exiting with java.lang.ClassCastException when passing file to uninstaller launcher
IOJ-1913982 Java stack trace with Flexeraaw7$aaa: Windows DLL failed to load when running installer on Windows Server 2019 with JVM that outputs correct of Windows Server 2019
IOJ-1560688 Custom Code Panel doesn't show scrollbars when text exceeds the panel size
IOJ-1921600 Silent upgrade install fails to upgrade existing instance
IOJ-1559951 Custom or IA variable defined in project shows up in debug log even though it has been configured in configure variables to "exclude value only" or "Exclude variable entirely" whereas "Encrypt variable value" works fine as expected
IOJ-1989168 Installer panel size is very large and installer panel takes up most of the screen
IOJ-1994839 Installer title not scaling in High DPI settings
IOJ-1990585 Custom code action fails with ClassNotFoundException when using InstallAnywhere 2018 SP1 Hotfix
IOJ-1990408 Custom code panel displays improperly with scrollbar due to InstallAnywhere 2018 SP1 Hotfix
IOJ-2079535 "No such file or directory" errors written to console when launching a Linux With VM installer bundled with Java 9 or above


To apply the hotfix, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Hotfix from the Attachments section of this article.
  2. Close the InstallAnywhere IDE.
  3. Make backup copies of the following file and folders in <IA_HOME> by adding _orig to the copy's name:
    • Create a copy of <IA_HOME>\ and name it <IA_HOME>\
    • Create a copy of <IA_HOME>\resource\ and name it <IA_HOME>\resource\
    • Create a copy of <IA_HOME>\resource\manifests and name it <IA_HOME>\resource\manifests_orig
    • Create a copy of <IA_HOME>\resource\i18ndesigner\custom_en and name it <IA_HOME>\resource\i18ndesigner\custom_en_orig
    • Create a copy of <IA_HOME>\resource\launchanywheres and name it <IA_HOME>\resource\launchanywheres_orig
    • Create a copy of <IA_HOME>\resource\self_extractors and name it <IA_HOME>\resource\self_extractors_orig
  4. Extract from the attached file to <IA_HOME>.
  5. Extract the contents of to <IA_HOME> and verify the above files/folders were updated.
  6. Open the project in the InstallAnywhere IDE.
  7. Rebuild the project.
  8. Retest the issue.
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It is very bad that Flexera did not give any information to customers via mail or in any other communication type about this .zip file hotfix.


It was released in may month, I started using IA 2018 SP1 from June month, in downloads section this zip file was not available and  no communication happened.

I suggest to FLexera that your way of providing HF is extremely bad.

it is not customers job to check for the important HF .zip  in knowledge base. it should be communicated via mail or you should release another SP like SP2.


all I want to tell you is that you have to improve your release mechanism A LOT.



Hi @madhug,

We releases hotfixes to target specific issues. These hotfixes are rolled up into the next major release, whether it's a service pack or a full release. We maintain a Hotfix Knowledge Base article which you can subscribe to and get updates for in real time.



hi Ian,

can you please let me know how to subscribe or you can add my mail id or for both Installshield and Installanywhere products.





Subscribe to Knowledge Base Article.png








Hi @madhug,

Thank you for your reply.

You would need to subscribe to the Knowledge Base article while logged into your Flexera Community account. My understanding is that the subscription would not be at the product level, InstallShield and InstallAnywhere. My understanding is the subscription would be for a specific Knowledge Base article. See screenshot above for how to subscribe.



Be aware that the download link on this page changes.  A few weeks ago I downloaded  Now the page has  I'd rather this be public and not just silently updated...

Hi @mike_killoran,

Thank you for your post.

Please subscribe to this Knowledge Base article if you would like to be notified of updates to the article.



Dear Flexera_Ian

It is difficult to make the changes manually, it is not right way to ask your customers to make the changes on their own, and if anything goes wrong,  production machine will be at stake..

I suggest you people to provide a script(vb or bat) at least for windows environment along with zip file so that our life will be easier. 

For similar kind of issues we never asked our customers to do manually, we always provide a script based on the environment type.

consider my statement as feedback.

Dear @madhug,

Thank you for your feedback. My understanding is that this issue was already submitted on your behalf to our Engineering Team for review. Please follow up on the case that you have open regarding this issue.




Is this your OFFICIAL way to release a patch ? I have never experienced this, its utterly unprofessional.  You people want you customer to spend time setting your tool rightly ? It seems this is the ONLY WORK we have. No customer empathy, what so ever. 

Why its called SP1 ? I have already installed SP1 in July this year. what is the difference ? 

Do we need to look for alternatives ?

@Revenera_Ian  @tony_flexera 

Is this tested on CentOS  ?

After applying the patch, MAc build fails.

Not able to build anymore.

Total waste of time, trying this patch. 

I am waiting for the script. can you please let me know the ETA.




IS and IA user

Hi @madhug  We have noted your feedback and have submitted an Issue requesting Hotfixes be delivered via an automated method (a script as you suggest or a full installer).  This will be considered for a future release of InstallAnywhere.  However, we do not have a timeframe currently for when this will be implemented.  I apologize for the inconvenience. 

This is not the right way sir.  what does it mean "we do not have a timeframe currently for when this will be implemented." It is absolutely unprofessional.

We have to look for alternative packaging tools, this is alert for you and I am going to submit proposal today in my organization based on all these days conversations.






Do you have this fix on top of IA2018? 

I don't have the SP1, but I need to support Windows 2019 

So, I'd appreciate if this fix / hotfix is available/supported also on top of v2018.



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