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Results Variables for Get User Input Panels and Consoles

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SummaryInformation on how user input is recorded for the different Get User Input panels and consolesSynopsisResults Variables store the results of the end-user?s input during a Get User Input panel or console. The default value for the Results Varia...
by Revenera tphamda Revenera

Determining Whether a Silent Install Was Successful

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SummaryWays to check for errors and determine if a silent installation was successfulSynopsisWhen an installation runs in silent mode, there is no user interaction. As a result, no output is displayed to the end user notifying them whether or not an ...
by Revenera tphamda Revenera

Output InstallAnywhere Variables

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SummaryThis article gives information about how to retrieve all the InstallAnywhere variables and corresponding values that were set during installation.SynopsisThis article gives information about how to retrieve all the InstallAnywhere variables an...
by acurry Flexera Alumni

Enabling the Create Icons for All Users Checkbox by Default

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SummaryHow to Enable the "Create Icons for All Users" Checkbox by Default on the Choose Shortcut Folder PanelSynopsisOn Windows, the Choose Shortcut Folder Panel contains a checkbox that will allow for the user to create product icons for All Users. ...
by Revenera tphamda Revenera

Build Warning "invalid entry size (expected <size> but got <size> bytes)"

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SummaryThis article discusses the "invalid entry size" build warning that occurs when building on the command line.SymptomsIf your project contains a "Create LaunchAnywhere for Java Application" action, a non-Windows build target has been selected to...
by Revenera tphamda Revenera

Unable To License 64 Bit Version Of InstallAnywhere 2011 Or Later Using A Node Locked License File On 64 Bit Linux Operating Systems

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SummaryLicensing with a node locked license failsSymptomsWhen attempting to license the 64 bit version of InstallAnywhere 2011 or later on a 64 bit Linux machine, after specifying the correct license file the Licensing Wizard displays the following e...
by acurry Flexera Alumni

Disk Space Check Reporting Available Free Space for Root Partition, /, Instead of the Targeted Partition

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SummaryIssue where the Disk Space Check always reports the available free space on the root partition, /, instead of the targeted partitionSymptomsDuring runtime, the disk space check which reports the disk space available, always reports the value f...
by Revenera tphamda Revenera

InstallAnywhere Triage and Preliminary Troubleshooting

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Providing the necessary information to allow a Support Engineer to begin troubleshooting your issue is one of the best ways to avoid delays. This article discusses what type of information to include and how to gather it when submitting an InstallA...
by Revenera Community Admin tony_flexera Revenera Community Admin

Changes to Authentication and Code Signing Support for OS X Based Installers in InstallAnywhere 2014 Hotfix A

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SummaryThis article talks about the changes to Authentication and Code Signing Support for OS X Based Installers in InstallAnywhere 2014 Hotfix ASynopsisInstallAnywhere 2014 Hotfix A brings updated authentication support for Mac OS X installers for O...
by sunshine Flexera Alumni

Supported Java Virtual Machines for each Version of InstallAnywhere

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SummaryThis article shows the supported Java virtual machines for different versions of InstallAnywhereSynopsisThe following is a listing of Java virtual machines that are supported by InstallAnywhere organized by each version.Note: InstallAnywhere-g...
by Revenera tphamda Revenera

Running Project Automation Java Class with 64-bit JDK Results in Error

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SummaryThis article discusses the issue with running Project Automation Java class with 64-bit JDK which results in the project failing to be saved by a node-locked licensed copy of InstallAnywhere.SymptomsRunning the Project Automation Java class wi...
by Level 2 Flexeran asalgia Level 2 Flexeran

Enumerating InstallAnywhere Variables at Run Time Using Custom Code Action

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SummaryThis article shows how one can enumerate InstallAnywhere Variables using a custom code at runtime.SynopsisInstallAnywhere variables are used to store data that are used by many standard actions, and this data can be shared between actions in a...
by sunshine Flexera Alumni

Using a File

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SummaryInformation on how to use a file for building installersSynopsisYou can use a file to build installers for a project. To do this, pass the ?p argument with the path and name of the buildpro...
by Revenera tphamda Revenera

How to use Source Paths to allow sharing the same project file on different machines

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SummaryThis articles goes over how to use Source Paths to allow sharing project files in different environmentsSynopsisYou can use source paths to reference file resources using variable paths instead of absolute paths. If you move your project and s...
by Revenera tphamda Revenera

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