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Build Warning "invalid entry size (expected <size> but got <size> bytes)"

Build Warning "invalid entry size (expected <size> but got <size> bytes)"


This article discusses the "invalid entry size" build warning that occurs when building on the command line.


If your project contains a "Create LaunchAnywhere for Java Application" action, a non-Windows build target has been selected to be built, and the build is performed through the command line, then you may notice the following message in the build log:
invalid entry size (expected <size> but got <size> bytes)
where <size> references a size value in bytes. Note that this warning message should not appear, but it can be safely ignored.


This problem has been reproduced and determined to be an issue in our software. This issue has been submitted to our Engineering team as Issue# IOA-000063382. Our Engineering team is investigating this issue, but at this moment, there is no estimated time frame for when it will be fixed. There is a workaround available below.

Steps To Reproduce

  1. Create a new InstallAnywhere project
  2. Go to Sequence tab > Install and add a "Create LaunchAnywhere for Java Application" action
  3. Go to Build tab and select a non-Windows build target, e.g. Linux
  4. Save and close the project
  5. Build the project through the command line, e.g. build.exe <Project_File_Path>
  6. Observe that the build log generates the "invalid entry size" message


The build warning message is safe to ignore and should not cause any build time or runtime issues.
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