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InstallAnywhere StandAloneBuild with Docker

InstallAnywhere StandAloneBuild with Docker

InstallAnywhere StandAlone Build with Docker

Build your own Docker Image with InstallAnywhere SAB 

  1. On an machine where Docker is installed, create Folder (eg: IADockerBuild).
  2. Copy InstallAnywhere installer (eg: InstallAnywhere2020.bin for Ubuntu docker) to the above created folder (i.e IADockerBuild) and ensure the file has execute permissions.
  3. Create a file called DockerFile (no extension) inside the above created folder (i.e IADockerBuild) with the following content

# Base Ubuntu Image
FROM ubuntu:latest

# Change to Root Dir

# Copy InstallAnywhere installer to root
ADD InstallAnywhere2020.bin /

# InstallAnywhere installation
RUN ./InstallAnywhere2020.bin -i silent
  1. Launch Terminal and navigate to the above created folder (i.e IADockerBuild)
  2. Run the following command as 'sudo' or root user to build the Docker image with InstallAnywhere installed:
docker build -t installanywhere2020 --no-cache=true .
  1. Wait for the build to complete. Once the build is complete run the following command to list the newly created image
docker images


License InstallAnywhere SAB 

Activate a Node Locked License

For activating SAB using a node locked license, you need to manually copy the license file (license.lic) to InstallAnywhere [INSTALLDIR] location. It is also mandatory to create the container with --mac-address option, else the MAC/Physical address will be dynamic each time you create a new container.

  1. Open the license file that you want to use for activating InstallAnywhere SAB and copy the MAC address.






  1. Use the same/copied MAC/Physical address to create the container using --mac-address

docker run --mac-address <MAC-ADDRESS> -it <IMAGE>

(Optional) In case if you want to create container, mount folder and assign MAC address at the same time run the following command:

docker run --mac-address <MAC-ADDRESS> -v "<HOST-DIR>:<CONTAINER-DIR>" -it <IMAGE>

MAC-ADDRESS : is separated by colon( : ), eg: 00:16:7F:51:03:7D
HOST-DIR : folder present in Physical machine/VM
CONTAINER-DIR : folder inside the container;  if the folder does not exist it will automatically create it.
  1. The license file need to be copied to the installation folder. The container should be in Exited state in order to copy files to a container. Run the following command to Stop the container:

        4. After the container is stopped, run the following command to copy the license file (i.e license.lic) to docker container.

"docker cp license.lic <CONTAINER-ID/CONTAINER-NAME>:root

        5. After the license file copy is done, run the following command to Restart the container:


         6. Navigate to the install directory

  cd /root/InstallAnywhere\ 2020

         7. Register the Nodelocked license to the SAB build using the following command

  ./build -registerNodeLocked [path_of_license_file]

Activate a Concurrent License

  1. Run the command as sudo or root user

  docker run -it <IMAGE>

       2. Navigate to the InstallAnywhere location

  cd /root/InstallAnywhere\ 2020

       3. Register the SAB build with concurrent License Server

   ./build ls <License Server Port>@<License Server IP Address>



Please refer the following for addition details on the commands used:

docker build:

docker images:

docker start :

docker stop :

docker cp:

docker run:

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