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Modify Text File – In Archive

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Introduction:This article will help you understand how to modify a Text file present inside an archive. Instructions: Step1 : Create a new project. Step2 : Go to the sequence tab and add Modify Text File—In Archive Action in your desired install phas...
by Revenera SachinB Revenera

Using Generic JDBC connection

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Introduction:This article will help you understand how to use Generic JDBC connection to use a custom string for establishing connections. This helps us in using custom strings when you need to use additional attributes for you connection string. Ins...
by Revenera SachinB Revenera

Results Variables for Get User Input Panels and Consoles

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SummaryInformation on how user input is recorded for the different Get User Input panels and consolesSynopsisResults Variables store the results of the end-user?s input during a Get User Input panel or console. The default value for the Results Varia...
by Revenera tphamda Revenera

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