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We are thrilled to announce a new program to recognize our top community contributors. Each month, I'll share out the top customer & partner participants. These folks jump in with answers and advice when you have questions, and ask questions to help all community members. They represent the best of our community. We are grateful to each of you for learning and sharing out loud!

Without further ado, here are our top contributors from November: 


(Wait - there's more than ten. That's right - we had a tie for 10th place!) 

Let's keep our celebration going - recognize great contributions by adding kudos or accepting solutions, and jump in with insights when possible. We're all in this together! 



Hi @KPBussey 

This is a Good initiative for encouraging community members so that Folks with tremendous knowledge on the products can share their thoughts and help other forum members get them upscale and improve their knowledge as well resolve their issues.



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Indeed! We have immense knowledge in this community and it's so important for us to share with one another.

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