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Cloud Product Migration to AWS - FAQ

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As a follow up to the notification email sent on Friday, July 12, 2019, we are providing the following answers to commonly asked questions. Which products does this apply to? The notice refers to a group of products in Flexera’s Technology Spend Op...
by Flexera dgalecki Flexera

Flexera Support can Chat!

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As we continue to modernize and improve Flexera Support offerings, we are happy to announce that our new Chat feature has been launched. We are very excited to offer Chat and we are taking careful and thoughtful steps to make sure its a success. S...
by Flexera kmay Flexera

June 2019 Community Case Management Update

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There is good news for all of you who use support through the Flexera Community. As of this last weekend, you have access to the case management portal features you’ve come to expect. I appreciate your patience during this transition. Back in Apri...
by Flexera kmay Flexera


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