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custom inventory importer documentation

Hi, i'm looking for comprehensive documentation of the custom inventory importer ingest jsonl format, but could not find detailed information, only some samples without description of the available fields and types.

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By Level 3 Flexeran
Level 3 Flexeran

Hi Pilgrim,

We don't have such a doc published yet. Is there a list of fields that you find in greater need of info more than others? Would something like this help you before full documentation is made available?

          type: string
          description: Identifier for the product
          example: '{873F2D30-973B-415E-9BCA-E465AF816CCF}'




Hi Rickie,

In the meantime I have found more information about the Extractor and the database scheme for it. 

Basically I'm looking for the optimal way to provide inventory data from our inventory system to Flexera One. The situation is special as I have full control over the source system.

So far, I guess I have 2 Options:

- Write an Extractor .config file that gets the data out of our MSSQL DB.

- Create a ZIP File with the same structure as the Extractor does directly from our Software.

The first option is probably the Flexera Way and has the advantage of using Flexera maintained tools. The disadvantage is that the queries can be quite complex and difficult to maintain due to the structure of our database.

The 2nd Option would allow me to use our Business Layer / Object Model to create the file. This would also allow me to export the data in a consistent state, since I could run the export at a time where I know that the database is consistent.





Thank you for sharing more context info @niwred .

Great thinking. Let us know if you need more inputs in your further exploration.