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Alerts on Inventory Issues Report


Trying to get more info on the alert 'Device Has Been Replaced' within the Inventory Issues report as this is one of the tasks Flexera states to monitor.

Currently we only have one device with this alert. Can you tell me what this alert means and how to manage the reported devices accordingly?


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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

This likely means that Flexera One ITAM has observed a new computer record being imported from inventory data that has the same serial number as an existing computer record. Flexera One will have made an educated guess based on this data that it likely indicates that the existing (old) computer record has been effectively replaced by the new one. For example, this would be commonly seen when a physical computer is re-imaged with a fresh operating system being installed.

If you can identify that the old (replaced) inventory device record is indeed obsolete, you may want to set its status to "ignored".

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