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VMs missing hosts and licenses not showing consumption

I have discovered that there isn't a connection to the Vcenter. As a result there isn't any host information and missing consumption information. I am working on getting a connection established. I have been asked to explain the need for the connection. What information will be gained from the connection and what fields will be populated as a result of the connection. See there any documentation that explains the need for the connection and resulting benefits? 

Thank you  

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By Technical Writer
Technical Writer

Running the inventory rule against your vCenters will bring in the host/guest relationship ( it will also create inventory device records for the vCenters and hosts if they have not yet been inventoried by another source.

By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

One use for this type of information is to be able to calculate consumption for licenses that is based on details from physical hosts associated with VMs where licensed software is installed.

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