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Usage Gap in FlexNet inventory agent

By Level 4 Flexeran
Level 4 Flexeran

Hi - 

We are looking at implementing IT Asset Request and Reclaim (App Broker Cloud) with the rest of our Flexera One modules.

Few questions and some help is needed. Can an Flexera Expert help?

I found that there are limitations related to usage metering. If I understand this correctly, only Windows Installer (MSI) package usage will be captured by Inventory agent. There are a variety of apps for e.g. Adobe and Office 365 applications installed via the ‘click-2-run’ technology; their usage will not be captured by default.

After going through the documentation, I found that we need to configure "manual mapper" in Flexnet Inventory Agent. (Currently we don’t have anything configured)



Or we will need to create/update a policy in Flexera Portal to enable Usage gathering under IT Assets Inventory Tasks> Discovery and Inventory Rules.

I need your assistance to understand the best practice to enable the usage of non-MSI based packages and need to understand what are the changes required from our end. This is critical as we can't implement app-broker without usage data.

I have an additional question, does Flexera have a provision to integrate with Azure Sentinel and read the usage data? Want to understand if we have an option available to integrate with Azure’s data and implement app broker based on Azure’s usage. Thanks!

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By Technical Writer
Technical Writer
I would start by enabling UseAddRemove to see if that collects the data you need.

Information on the Manual Mapper and everything else related to usage gathering by the agent can be found in the following blog post:

As click-to-run has been adopted by Microsoft and others as an alternative to MSI, Flexera really should be supporting this installation technology.

Please support this idea