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Unrecognised Evidence


I am coming across commercial applications where the evidence is unrecognised. Match quantities are in the thousands and assigned is No. Is there a way to flag this to Flexera to have them included it in the ARL please (so we can track consumption) and what is the turn around time? I have attempted to assign evidence myself to a few applications, which appears to have worked as expected, however I'm very unfamiliar with this workspace and I'm struggling to understand how I should treat the same application and version when there are two different installer evidences, such as MSI & Add/Remove Programs. Do I assign an application to one or the other, or both? Screen shot attached as one example.


Thank you

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Thank you for contacting Flexera support.

I have submitted the details to the content team for review. I will get back to you with an update accordingly.

Best regards & wishes for the new year.

Thank you, and best wishes to you, too.