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Dongle License

Hi everyone. We have a particular license that works through the use of dongles. We are trying to set it up in Flexera but are facing some issues. The software is installed on multiples devices within the team but only works when the dongle is connected to their system, hence the number of installs is more than the number of dongles as they shared around in the team.

Can someone suggest the best way to set them up as we want to show all installs in the license but the consumption should be the same as the number of dongles and not the installs?

We have thought of about setting them up as a custom metric but then the license isnt pickup the installs and showing it in the unlicensed installation view.

Any suggestions/help would be appreciated.


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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

An approach to model this would be with 2 license records:

  1. One license record with a type of "Custom Metric" to represent the number of dongles that you have
  2. A second license record with a type of "Device" and "Entitlements are: Unlimited" option selected to represent the right to install an unlimited number of copies of the software. The relevant application record(s) should be linked to this license.
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