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Reporting or viewing licenses with Set Compliance Status Manually

How do I view or report on all license with the "Set Compliance Status Manually" checked?  I am looking for a report out or view of all licenses with the field "Set Compliance Status Manually" checked in the Identification Tab.

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@sgedeon1 - I looked at various options and do not see a way to report or filter on this specific field for a Software License.  If you have FNMS-OP, then a direct SQL query would be possible, and of course that is not possible with Flexera One ITAM/FNMS Cloud.

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Thanks - and yes - we are Cloud / FlexeraOne based.   I haven't been able to find a reportable field or column to add to a view but was hoping there was some magic door I just missed.  In general - you would think this not such a big issue since manually gathering counts - that is until licenses expire or someone forgets to update the compliance status. 

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