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MQ ADVANCED IN CloudPak for Integration -PART 2

Because CP4I bundles APP Connect as well, my PVU APP Connect is now adding an automatic exemption : "Covered by Related Product".  How do I get rid of this?  I do not want APP Connect PVU to be covered by CP4I, in fact, I have "exempted" the APP connect devices from the CP4I license to show the VM is covered by the PVU license.  This is problematic because the several devices need to be consuming PVU and they are exempt from the PVU as well. But should be reporting.  This will cause issues with our PVU reports and we will have to add that consumption manually to show position.


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It may be important that you provide the SKUs that were used CP4I bundles and APP Connect license generation process. (I quickly tested generating a license based on a CP4I SKU I found on the IBM website and I've attached the list of applications it included. If you provide the SKUs it will be easier for forum members to provide guidance.

Also please provide anonymized/redacted screen shots from your environment on license prioritization for APP Connect, any restriction rules configured, etc. so that the forum members can provide better guidance.