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Providing User Assignment Data to ServiceNow from ITAM

I'm looking for a little assistance with the task of getting user/computer assignment data into ServiceNow for an App Broker implementation from ITAM. I know that this data doesn't come directly from App Broker in any way and the customer is responsible for populating those data into ServiceNow, however a customer would like to utilize ITAM as the source of those data. Is there an API that can be utilized to pull directly from ITAM? Or would we need to do a more manual approach utilizing exports/reports/business adapters or something similar?

The concept of doing this is referenced here, but this was also for FNMS rather than the cloud based ITAM.

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As far as I know, you would need to create a custom report in ITAM that has the "asset to assigned and/or calculated user" relationship and could then use the reportsExecute API to pull that report out of ITAM (as CSV data) and then import it to ServiceNow.

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Thanks Jim, can you please confirm if the report data would be a csv file that's exported, or would it be a real time API connection that wouldn't require a file export?