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By Level 8 Flexeran
Level 8 Flexeran

Flexera One’s SaaS Management now offers the following insights into your ServiceNow account to optimize ServiceNow spend and to ensure users have the correct licenses, roles, and role types to be successful with ServiceNow. 

  • Total annual spend of ServiceNow managed in SaaS Management 
  • User and license activity
  • Consumption of capacity and other licensed products 
  • Management of subscriptions and allocations 
  • Relationships between users, roles, role types, subscriptions, and allocations 
  • User details such as roles and role types assigned to subscriptions and allocations. 

In SaaS Management, these insights are displayed for your ServiceNow managed application on the Managed SaaS Application page within the Overview tab as well as the Users and Licenses tabs: 

Flexera One Help Resources 

See either the ServiceNow OAuth2 Subscription Licensing or the ServiceNow Subscription Licensing integration instructions for further details on the following topics. 

  • Existing ServiceNow integrations with SaaS Management require enabling the new Application Access, Product Consumption, and Reclamation integration tasks. To enable these tasks, navigate to the Flexera One SaaS menu and select Managed SaaS Applications. On the Managed SaaS Applications screen, select the appropriate ServiceNow instance. The Overview tab opens by default. Navigate to the ServiceNow instance’s Integration tab. In the Integration tab’s Integration Tasks table, click Disabled in the Action column to enable the new tasks. 
  • The SaaS Management License Information integration task automatically retrieves every 24 hours the ServiceNow license information to display in the SaaS Management Licenses tab. For details, see the Auto-Populated ServiceNow Subscription Licensing License Information section. 
  • ServiceNow insights displayed on the Managed SaaS Application page within the Overview tab and in the Users and Licenses tabs are further described in the Analyzing User and License Activity Data for ServiceNow Subscription Licensing section. 

The Application Task Tracking chart now includes the Application Access, Product Consumption, and Reclamation integration tasks for the ServiceNow OAuth2 Subscription Licensing and the ServiceNow Subscription Licensing integration instructions.