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Oracle Fusion Middleware Scanning using lite agent (, ndtrack.exe)

I've read through and have checked the box for Enable collection of Oracle Fusion Middleware audit data. I've enabled Include Oracle Fusion Middleware checkbox to make audit data available on demand.


I've verified in my BeaconPolicy.xml has CTrackerPerformOracleFMWScan set to True, for osx, unix, windows. I've verified I am licensed for Oracle.


In the document linked above, it states that for collecting Fusion Middleware, you can use the FlexNet inventory agent installed locally and zero footprint. My question is, since it states zero footprint will work, would a "lite" agent work as well? I'd copy, ndtrack.ini, and InventorySettings.xml to the same directory (say, /var/flexera/liteagent/), make executable, and manually run the command ./ -t machine -o MachineInventoryDirectory=/var/flexera/liteagent/results –o LogFile=/var/flexera/liteagent/results/tracker.log.


Being that the BeaconPolicy.xml shows OracleFMW scanning is enabled, my assumption is the scripts necessary to collect Oracle Fusion Middleware would be run when I execute my scan against, because I've included InventorySettings.xml with my executable.


Is this correct? I'm basically looking to verify that a "lite" agent can collect OracleFMW even if it's not explicitly called out in the documentation.

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Community Manager

I can't think of any reason why this wouldn't work with the lite agent approach you've described, but you will likely need to include the following option on the command line to activate the Oracle Fusion Middleware scanning functionality (which is disabled by default):

-o PerformOracleFMWScan=True
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