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FlexNet Reporting - Licensed for Cloud Use

When building a custom report in the “Licenses” table, what does the “Eligible for use with cloud service providers” result mean? Where does this data come from?

(See attached Word Doc)

How does it relate to “Use Rights and Rule > License consumption rules”?

Does the “yes” or “no” change depending on the options selected in this screen in Use Rights and Rules?

(See attached Word Doc)

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Yes, it corresponds to the potential check mark for 'Any cloud service provider':



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Thank you.  Our concern was that the report was still reflecting "Yes" even though we unchecked the Service Cloud provider choices in the License Consumption rules section in Use rights & rules.  What we found and missed is that we also had to uncheck the "Eligible for use with cloud service providers" in the License mobility rights of the Use rights & rules.