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North American UAT Environment .. Are your files being Uploaded Ok from the Beacons??

Hi Everyone, I noticed a couple of weeks ago that in my UAT environment, our ndi files along with our Active Directory files are not being uploaded into the Cloud. I opened a ticket with Support and we are currently trouble shooting but as I understand it, no one else is experiencing similar behaviors. In my environment, this has been happening since early February, however, I just noticed it a few weeks ago.

Question for those of you that have your UAT environment in North America, have a look in the Uploader log file to see if you have any failures, in my case the smaller "activity" and "beacon status" files are uploading no problem but the ndi and active directory files which are larger in size are failing  everytime. The files still exist in the Incoming Folder under the respective sub folders which is what we would expect.

I am trying to understand if others are experiencing the same .. things resolved themselves after last week's maintenance activity which occurred on Wednesday evening .. things were good for Thursday and Friday but again started to fail later Friday evening after the maintenance activity in both the europe and austrailia UAT environments. I have engaged my Network team and all is well leaving our network so we are kind of at a stale mate now as both sides are suggesting the issue resides in the others area.

Thanks in Advance


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