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By Level 8 Flexeran
Level 8 Flexeran

In December 2022, Jamf will discontinue support for Basic authentication that only requires a username and password for Jamf Pro's Classic API. For enhanced security, Jamf now requires Bearer Token authentication for Jamf Pro’s Advanced Search API. The following details will help you enable the more secure authentication method.    

How do I authorize a new Jamf Pro integration with SaaS Management?

In Jamf Pro, you need to enable the following roles to authorize the integration with SaaS Management. The Jamf Pro integration instructions describe how to pull in your organization’s Jamf Pro users from the Jamf Pro application roster into SaaS Management.    

 Table -1 • Required Jamf Pro Privileges 

Role Description
Auditor Grants Read All permissions to the APIs used in this integration
Administrator Allows you to create a Jamf Pro Advanced Search ID



How do I enable the new Jamf Pro authentication method for an existing integration with SaaS Management?

Now that Jamf requires the more secure Bearer Token authentication method, you must reauthorize your organization’s SaaS Management integration using Jamf Pro Administrator privileges.

You need the Jamf Pro Administrator privileges to obtain the Advanced Search ID value from the Jamf portal. When you enter the Advanced Search ID value into Jamf Pro’s new Advanced Search API,  your organization’s Jamf Pro users from the Jamf Pro application roster are pulled into SaaS Management. For further details, refer to the Jamf Pro integration instructions.   

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