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MGSPolicy Batch file

Hi - I'm new to using Flexera and I've been tasked with creating a batch/cmd file to run MGSPolicy.exe -t Machine.    It runs but I get no message whether it completes successfully.    Is there any way on the client machine to know if it ran successfully?    I currently do not have access to the server.   Looking for any help as I always like to make sure scripts run completely and successfully.

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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

One approach would be to check the exit status of the mgspolicy process. For example:

start /wait mgspolicy -t Machine
if %ERRORLEVEL% neq 0 echo Policy updated failed

You could also look at the end of the <TempDirectory>\ManageSoft\policy.log file, which will show an indication of whether the process succeeded or failed. It if succeeded:

[04/21/2022 3:25:37 PM (G, 0)] {784} Program exited successfully

If it failed, a non-0 code will be noted:

[10/22/2022 12:22:32 PM (G, 0)] {11896} Program exited with code 1


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