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IT Visibility Granular Access Options

Hi - 

I am wondering if I can give access strictly for a specific dashboard in IT Visibility to a stakeholder. 

I understand that the IT Visibility roles are listed here. And assuming View IT visibility is the bare minimum - e.g. they can see the dashboard but not adjust it. Ultimately, you have to give someone a Flexera login and ID for them to get 'in the door' so to speak to view ITViz.

I was curious though about the embed feature. E.G. using HTML to embed an iframe on another page with the ITV Dashboard. I don't think you can slice it to just be one singular dashboard, and they get hit with a login screen as well.


Just curious if anyone has found out a solution for this? I'm guessing a scheduled export to PDF might also be useful, but again they need to be in Flexera already to target for an export (thus they can login).

Thanks ! 




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