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By Level 10 Champion
Level 10 Champion

The recording of the "Windows Server / Core Infrastructure Server Suite" January SAM Best Practice Webinar is available here:

Here are the main sections:

  • 00:00 Kick Off & Agenda 
  • 01:31 Pointers for the last session ("Management of IBM PVU and VPC Licensing") material and answers to questions 
  • 10:40 News:
  • 12:49: Windows Server and CIS Optimal License position in one hour.
    • 12:49 Context: the Windows Server / CIS Licensing challenges.
    • 18:00 Tools at your disposal (Windows server optimization report, Allocations, Intelligent Restriction)
    • 20:25 Description of the three licensing approaches demonstrated
    • 24:51 Some important columns in the Windows Server Optimization report.
    • 30:47: demo of first approach: Easy and expensive. Note that the PDF has been extended to include more illustrations of the three approach using intelligent license allocations.
    • 38:33 The Windows Server Optimization reports allocation approach
    • 1:04:29 The cluster level / intelligent license restriction approach
  • 1:13: Wrap Up

The PowerPoint used during the presentation is attached to this post.