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Flexera Service Account used with BeyondTrust

I was wondering if someone could help regarding service account management using Beyond Trust. We have seen on the KB that there are integrations with CyberArk but there is nothing around Beyond Trust and that is our strategic route.


Also we have an option of using gMSA too and wondered if this was allowed?

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@Pathboke - The CyberArk integration is to help manage the Password Store on the beacon used for remote inventory connections (VMware SDK and Remove Inventory Scans/Zero-Touch inventory).  At the present time, there is no integration with Beyond Trust for this purpose.

I assume the reference to gMSA is for your FNMS On-Premises Service Account(s)?  If that is the question, gMSA is currently not supported, but is under consideration.  You can view the following Community Post on this topic: