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Exporting Software Contracts to ServiceNow

Can someone please provide some guidance around how to link contracts to software applications and export them to ServiceNow? A customer is having trouble doing this; their challenge is described below. 


  • In the integration with ServiceNow, the export of Contracts provides links to hardware only.  No reference we can use provides any visibility from the contract to software applications.
  • From the Contracts Page:
    • License Tab: 
      • We can see the software licenses but no link to the Contract ID on the output.
    • Purchase Tab:
      • We can see the Purchase Order, SKU, Description and the Contract ID (Does this give is the Software aligned to the Contract?)
  • From the Inventory Page:
    • We get no reference to a Contract ID, but we can see devices and software installed on each device
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I am interested in hearing what others with more experience in this area would have to say about this scenario. Most of my experience is with getting data INTO Flexera vs exporting out, and more on the Technical side than the Ops/Licensing side.

So they are looking for a direct link between (software) Contracts and (software) Applications...

I'm not seeing a direct way of doing that. You'd have your Software Contract linked to your Entitlement/Software License, which would the be linked to your Software Application. Not sure that from a Software Asset Management perspective, it makes sense to have a Contract directly tied to an Application.

Hypothetical scenario: Lets assume users have local admin rights and anyone can install Software on their computer. User A has bootlegged a copy of Microsoft Visio and installed it on their computer. User B went through the proper channels and had IT install Microsoft Visio on their computer. User B would presumably have an legitimate install of Visio, which means they would have a License for it. So the License would be tied to the Application, and the Contract would be tied to the License. User A (the bootlegger) has the Visio Application, but no license to use it, therefor no Contract either.

In order to have a Contract tied to a piece of Software, you'd technically need a valid License for the Software. Contract->License/Entitlement->Software. Perhaps this is why there is no direct link between Contract and Software. Because you'd need a valid License/Entitlement for an Application in order for a Contract to even be involved. So there wouldn't be a scenario where you'd have a Contract for a piece of software, without also a valid License/Entitlement for it.

Please correct me if I'm wrong! And if someone has exported Contract data linked directly to a Software Application, please share!