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Comments no longer a field in Business Data One-Off Purchase Upload

If you had a comments field in your one-off Purchase upload it was able to populate the Purchase Order Line Item Comments field.  This was helpful when you wanted to add a means of tracing a purchase to the specific line number in the source document. Uploading Comments no longer seems to be an option in Flexera One.  When was this removed and why?

Joseph Kaufman
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@JosephKaufman - I don't recall if and when the 1-Off Purchase Template contained a Comments field.

If you wish to create Purchases within ITAM that include Comments on the PO Line, then you can use the Business Importer/Adapter that is part of the Beacon.  The Comments field is available here for importing with a Purchase Order Line.

When was this functionality removed from the one-off upload?  I used to use it there.

Joseph Kaufman

It was not part of the template. But the upload used data in the field if you added it and uploaded it. I used it many times.

Joseph Kaufman
By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

I've looked at the built-in process for doing one-off uploads of purchase data back to around the 2014 timeframe, and can find any evidence that this upload process has ever supported importing comments on purchase order lines.

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